Delivery 7 Days a week, 9am-11pm, Free Delivery on purchase above RO 5 and Deliveries done within 120 min.

We are all consumers, we buy stuff from different places at different times.  Each consumer is unique and different from any other.  However, we are all alike in demanding for better services.

My daily necessities vary between regular stuff and one-time purchases.  The regular stuff by far outweighs any other, composing more than 95% of my consumables, stuff that doesn't require and more than deciding the suitable time and day to go and purchase.  But it is this scheduling attempt that consumes a lot of my time & weekly decisions and its at the end of the day just to run another errand. Let alone actually going through the hassles of traffic on the road, not finding a parking spot and trying to stand at the shortest checkout line at the grocery stores.

From here came the necessity for an online service that caters for those of us who hardly have any time to spend with their families after long-hours days at work, let alone having time to provide normal daily necessities. was born to do just that, catering to consumers with an extra touch of customer care that people deserve from their service providers.  In fact, the customer care team obsesses over the levels of customer satisfaction to make their efforts seem as a genuine  service experience and not just another delivery of stuff.

Having started a little over 6 months ago, covering only Muscat region within Oman, 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week, service is experiencing a very healthy growth in demand and for the sake of keeping up with very high standards of customer support, it is imperative to focus merely on Muscat till such time in the foreseeable future when the coverage scope may encompass other regions in Oman and the GCC region.

It's so empowering to see the effect of our service promise reflected in our customers' feedback.  It does NOT make us feel rested, it re-energizes us on our commitment towards our customers.

The MarkeetEx Team

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