Delivery 7 Days a week, 9am-11pm, Free Delivery on purchase above RO 5 and Deliveries done within 120 min.


1. Where do we get your products from

a. We have agreements with all brand vendors

2. Who is the owner of

a. is registered Off-shore but the local representation in Oman is through AlJazeera Global Projects LLC

3. How many products do we have

a. Most FMCG and fewer MMCG are warehoused in our Fulfilment center. Currently we have ONE centralized fulfillment center in Azaiba and expanding to 5 fulfilment centers within Muscat during coming 2 years

4. How are our prices compared to the rest of the market?

a. Our prices are very competitive in comparison to average retail selling price RSP. 

5. What is the method of payment accepted

a. We accept Cash or Credit/Debit Card payments On Delivery and Online payment.

6. What are the hours of delivery and how many days a week

a. Our online store is open 24 hours, delivery hours are 9am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

7. How soon do we deliver the orders?

a. We are ready to deliver within 120 minutes from Order time in Muscat

and outside Muscat it takes from one (1) to three (3) days.

8. What is the strength of our staff?

a. We have our own logistics staff who are capable of servicing large number of orders

9. How does the logistics work?

a. Immediately as the order is received our logistics team and fulfilment center get the automatic electronic intimation for order fulfilment

10. How much do we charge for the delivery?

For Orders of RO. 5 or more we don’t charge any delivery fees. For less than RO. 5 we charge RO. 2 as delivery charge.
3 to 4 OMR for delivery outside Muscat.